Sponsored Tickets

 Sponsored Tickets


For certain events we will be searching for the world’s most beautiful and unique people to attend our high profile parties as a sponsored guest. With a Sponsored Ticket, our sponsors cover the vast majority of the ticket cost allowing approved sponsored guests to attend by paying a nominal one-time $25 registration fee.

Sponsored ticket applications are now being accepted for the 9th Annual Karma Masquerade Party in Hollywood.

If you have questions about Sponsored or Complimentary Tickets, please call 1.877.847.6267 and speak with a VIP Host.  Your VIP Host will be happy to explain the process to you and provide all the information you need to apply.  




  • Each guest must apply individually.
  • Please call us prior to applying if someone in your party plans to purchase tickets.
  • The ONLY way to apply is to have a Facebook account.
  • Uploading photos is no longer necessary. You will share your photos and basic information on Facebook so we can review your profile and decide on granting you a Sponsored Ticket to an event.


Maxim Party Complimentary Tickets - Apply at VIPexclusives.com


How to get on the guestlist for the Maxim Super Bowl and Halloween Party. Apply for a sponsored ticket at VIPexclusives.com


Sponsored Ticket Application