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 Maxim Magazine Parties – Sponsored Tickets


For certain Maxim Magazine parties we will be searching for the world’s most beautiful and unique people to attend our high profile parties as a sponsored guest. With a Sponsored Ticket, our sponsors cover the vast majority of your ticket cost, allowing approved sponsored guests to attend by paying a nominal one-time $25 registration fee.

Sponsored ticket applications will soon be accepted for the 2017 Maxim Halloween Party in Los Angeles.

If you have questions about Sponsored or Complimentary Tickets, please call 1-877-MAXIM-02 and speak with a VIP Host.  Your VIP Host will be happy to explain the process to you and provide all the information you need to apply.  




  • Each guest must apply individually.
  • The ONLY way to apply is to have a Facebook account.
  • Uploading photos is no longer necessary. You will share your photos and basic information on Facebook so we can review your profile and decide on granting you a Sponsored Ticket to an event.


Maxim Magazine Party Complimentary Tickets - Apply at VIPexclusives.com


How to get on the guestlist for the Maxim Super Bowl Party and the Maxim Halloween Party. Apply for a sponsored ticket at VIPexclusives.com


Sponsored Ticket Application